5 Things You Can Do With The Mio A201 GPS

Enjoy The Outdoors? Take Your Mio A201 GPS Walking, Camping, Mountain Biking or Motorcycling…Fitting neatly into the palm of your hand, the Mio A201 is a truly portable GPS and PDA rolled into one. With its rotating GPS antenna, the Mio A201 allows you to navigate in both portrait and landscape positions; offering you flexibility and comfort depending on your choice of activity.The PDA is an integral part of the Mio A201, and since it’s supported by Windows Mobile 5, you can choose from a variety of navigational software. This is the beauty of this product. The Mio A201 is just as at home on a mountain bike and in the countryside; as it is in the car. Unlike previous PDA’s from Mio Tech, the Mio A201 has a new removable Lithium-ion 1200mlAh battery. With over 4.5 hours of operation from one battery, and the ability to double, or triple its operational life, this is the perfect GPS device for the off-road navigator.Forgotten your compass? Mio Tech have also developed their software, Mio Map V2, to accommodate all you hikers and cyclists out there. The GPS receiver computes the direction of travel as part of the GPS solution, giving directions relative to true north.Prefer Warmer Climates? Take the Mio A201 on Holiday With You… (you could even use it on your plane)You go on holiday to have fun and relax, right? Well, what can be more frustrating than being in a country you want to explore, unable to find anywhere, without following a tourist bus to make sure you don’t get lost (again).Hiring a car on holiday need never be troublesome again with the Mio A201. The Mio A201 operates perfectly with the TOMTOM Navigator 5 Software & Maps of Western Europe (Including GB), offering you as many hassle-free excursions as you want, within Western Europe. And don’t overlook the use of the Mio A201 GPS in finding your car in a busy city. Long-stay car parks, particularly those at airports, display an endless wave of parked cars. By simply marking your location as you leave will help you avoid any embarrassing situations.If you prefer to explore new cities and towns on foot, thanks to Mio’s adoption of the new SiRF Star III chipset , you will find your Mio A201 will have no problems maintaining accuracy in the hustle and bustle of new city centers.Traveling to your destination on commercial flights can sometimes become a bit tedious. With its improved accuracy and flexibility The Mio A201 can brighten up your journey; informing you of your ground speed, distance to your destination, real altitude and direction, and also your location on a world map.All Work, No Play? The Mio A201 Gives You Both…Unprepared for your meeting? Travel to and from work a lot? As a pocket PC, the Mio A201 can offer you the opportunity to catch up on work anytime, anyplace (if you really want to). With a generous 192MB of memory, the Mio A201 provides the latest version of Microsoft Word, Excel, and Media Player 10. You can even prepare a powerpoint presentation on the move.If you’re visiting clients all day, the Mio A201 PDA has the ability to synchronize with Microsoft Outlook on your desktop, so your calender and contacts can go with you. What is really handy is; to make client visits quick and easy, you can plan your journey direct from your contact list in Outlook, rather than looking up the address on the navigation page.When you’re ready for a break, you can relax and listen to your choice of music on its integrated MP3 Player, or browse through your album of digital photos. Sporting a 320 x 240 pixel colour LCD touch screen the Mio A201 ensures pictures and games appear vibrant, and maps easy to read.If you have a travel companion, the Mio A201 can enable you to exchange files, photos, and music wirelessly via its built in Bluetooth connectivity.Always Running Late? The Mio A201 can calculate your quickest route, and bypass those traffic queues (all within the speed limit)…Of course , it is almost guaranteed you will hit a traffic snarl up when you’re running late.On board re-routing options are a key feature for any GPS navigational system, and the Mio A201 gives you just that, with the addition of quicker route planning and calculation with its generous 312MHz processor and 64MB of RAM. Accompanying this, Mio Tech. have teamed up with the Traffic Message Channel (TMC), to provide you with free, up to date traffic data via your Mio A201.Encouraging you to drive safely (and not only when there is a speed camera around), the latest Mio Map Software incorporates a pretty impressive feature enabling you to take note of the speed limit for each road you drive on. By activating this option, your Mio A201 will remind you to ease off your accelerator as your speed creeps above the speed limit.Book a Table at a Restaurant, or a Room in a Hotel. With More Than 750,000 Points of Interest (POI) at Your Fingertips, You Can Prepare Your Day on The Move…Whether you’re in a new city, or on a long journey, it’s very handy to know where the next petrol station or service stop is. If you tend to be a more organized person, it can be convenient to have contact details of your favorite restaurant, or hotel at your fingertips, so you can book in advance.Having an on board database of POI, and an ability to view contacts which are in the vicinity of your location, or across a region, the Mio A201 caters for both the prepared, and unprepared driver.So, with the ability to connect your Mio A201 wirelessly with a Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone, and transform your GPS/PDA into your very own hands-free kit, why not start planning your day, on the move?If you want to see the Mio A201 GPS full specification, or read about a variety of GPS systems and features visit http://www.globalpositioningsystems.co.uk.

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